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Crafty Developer Playing Head Games With Rancho Palos Verdes

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Developer Jim York has kept the Rancho Palos Verdes residents surrounding the Point View property on edge for years. He and his partners bought the 94 acre site, "which offers some of the best ocean vistas on The Hill" according to the Daily Breeze, in 1994, planning to fill it up with houses and an "event garden" for weddings. Neighbors were relieved when the site's residential zoning killed the wedding plan in 2009, but now that York's bought his partners out, he's presenting a new plan to the city. Good news, neighbors: "My thinking has changed totally on what to do with the property. Now it's something to enjoy." York wants to become an organic gardener, growing 18 acres of avocado trees and about 9 acres of grapes, and to build a private, two and a half acre, nine-hole golf course with two greens and two sand traps. Hey, funny thing about that golf course--it'll allow him an ancillary structure in which he can hold 30 weddings a year (this is a Donald Trump zoning trick, apparently). York seems rather pleased with his solution, telling the paper: "We want to have agriculture, some events, this fun little golf course...It's just an excuse to go out with a glass of my wine and hit the golf ball."
· Developer decides to farm prime Peninsula land [Daily Breeze]