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Wrangling Continues Over Anaheim's Giant Train Hub

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Orange County transit officials are forging ahead in their efforts to build the ARTIC (Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center), a mammoth station that could one day be the site of Anaheim's high-speed rail stop, according to the Los Angeles Times. There's some wrangling over whether certain taxes can be used to fund the $184 million station--the Orange County Transportation Authority, which voiced support for the station yesterday, is working to resolve funding guidelines so that question is answered. A critique by some local politicians is that the station may not be worth it if high-speed rail doesn't come to fruition, but transit officials say the stop will serve plenty of local needs even if the bullet trains don't come to pass. The HOK-designed ARTIC would replace the modest Metrolink and Amtrak stop that exists now in Anaheim, but would be within 1,400 feet so that Angel Stadium and the Platinum Triangle Development were still nearby. "Its cavernous interlocking concourses with arching roofs of translucent material and steel would allow trains to come and go from tiers," according to the Times. "Transit ways, bus facilities and bicycle racks would be built outside, where station platforms would extend to the old Metrolink site." In a 2009 review, LAT architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne called HOK's ARTIC designs a "striking but somewhat derivative architectural approach."
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