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Here is a Guy Rappelling Down the Side of the Bonaventure Hotel

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Somehow we missed this when it happened, but it's never, ever too late to catch up on your "dudes walking backwards down the side of one of the most famous buildings in Los Angeles" news, especially on a Friday afternoon. Back in October, the Boy Scouts allowed 50 big fundraisers to rappel down downtown's Westin Bonaventure Hotel, and after the jump is one man's journey. It may seem a little slow, but check out the views (both actual and reflected in the famously-reflective building) and try to keep in mind that this guy is rappelling down the side of the Bonaventure. You probably want to see it done in a tux, too, so click over to YouTube for that.

Raj Rappelling Bonaventure from James Matsubayashi on Vimeo.

· Raj Rappelling Bonaventure [Vimeo]