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Ex-Governor Goodie Knight's Windsor Square Mansion

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Perfectly playing the part of a politician's mansion is this five bedroom, four bathroom house in Windsor Square, once home to California governor Goodwin "Goodie" Knight. Knight was finishing out Earl Warren's term in 1954 when he married Virginia Knight in the state's first gubernatorial wedding. One term later, the couple moved back home to Los Angeles. From what we can tell, this is the house they bought in 1960, and the house Virgina Knight died in in November. Her granddaughter told the LA Times that after Goodie's death in 1970 "She dropped out of society and became a hermit." The listing says to "Bring your creativity, cash & chisel," and notes this is a probate sale with court confirmation required. Asking price is $1.399 million.
· 540 South ARDEN Blvd [Redfin]
· Virginia Knight dies at 92; former first lady of California [LAT]