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Glam Up for the Globes, Galleria Vs. Americana Round 73, More

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BEVERLY HILLS: If you're important enough to be invited to a lot of awards shows, but not important enough to get a makeup person to come to your house, Makeup&GO! has opened a satellite/popup to get you all glammy for your SAGs, Globes, and DGAs.

GLENDALE: Caruso wins again. The Glendale Galleria Sephora is shutting up shop and reopening next door at the Americana at Brand on January 28. The Galleria will have to console itself with its fancy new ProActiv vending machine, for all your zit-zapping on the go.

LOS ANGELES: Deep in an article on Lucky magazine, Racked digs up the news that the Lucky Shops, the "super-ginormous sample sale-cum-bazaar to the 10th power," could be coming to town.

VENICE: Strange Invisible is an Abbot Kinney perfumery filled with "pure, unusual scents" for the "fragrance connoisseur." Most of the botanicals come from the perfumer's family farm in Ojai and they're blended in a lab in Santa Monica. Racked got a very fragrant tour of the shop.
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