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Meetings Start for Gold Line to Montclair, But What About Ontario Airport?

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Scoping meetings for Phase 2B of the Gold Line Foothill extension are happening this week and next--the public gatherings focus on dragging the Gold Line 12.6 miles east from Azusa to Montclair (phase 2A of the extension, from Pasadena to Azusa, is in the early stages of construction). But, as noted, the unstoppable Gold Line is not done there--there are hopes of getting the light-rail to Ontario Airport, a facility that is ready and willing to accommodate more fliers. But will we be in flying cars by the time the train makes it there? Maybe not, representatives of the Foothill Construction Authority tell us, but you'll likely have a few grey hairs by then.

A preliminary study was already conducted on getting the train to the Ontario Airport, a distance of about seven miles, and it showed that it's feasible.

"The next steps of the project revolve around the completion of the Alternatives Analysis (expected to begin in late 2011)," writes Rodrigo Gonzalez, Media Coordinator for the Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority. That study, which will look at the route and stations, will take 18-24 months, he noted. There was talk of the train using the Cucamonga Creek Channel to get to Ontario.

There's a few things that may trip up the extension--the Authority doesn't own the right-of-way like they do with the other Foothill phases. They also don't have Measure R funding, or any funding currently, to extend the line to the airport. But if they get the ROW and the dough, "Expected start date for revenue operations for the LA/Ontario Airport Extension ranges from 2021 to 2025," according to Gonzalez.

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