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Tom Hanks' Son Kicks Off Rap Career With Ode to the Westside

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NWA's "Straight Outta Compton." Tupac's "California Love." Chet Haze's "West Side LA." Haze, né Hanks, is a student at Northwestern University who was "Born and raised on the West Side of the Westside's main city LA," according to his Facebook page. He launched his rap career yesterday and today released "West Side LA," a paean to his side of town. Some rappers would shy away from rhymes about how awesome it is to be rich and high and raised in a fancy neighborhood, but Haze spits: "Smoking on that Cali haze, cruising in the whip, riding through them Palisades/These are the best days, so I probably should [unintelligible], trying to [unintelligble] that haze to the Hollywood Sign." He also shouts out to the Morongo and Pechanga casinos, and mysteriously says it "Wouldn't be West Los without the Mexicans," which we're not touching. Haze's parents, movie stars Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, have owned in the Malibu Colony and last year bought a $26 million house in the Pacific Palisades, which makes lyrics like "Treating money like In-N-Out: double cheese" extra ridiculous.

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