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Palmer's Lorenzo Tower Shelved, Tuscan Still on the Table

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Tower on the left, Tuscan on the right
SOUTH LA: Who wants another order of Tuscan? Geoff Palmer's two-part Lorenzo project proposed for 23rd and Flower streets was heard today before the Planning Commission, which ultimately delayed making a decision. Nevertheless, we did find out more details about the project. The tower--first it was 50-stories, then 44-stories--has been knocked down to 12-stories and plans for that building are completely shelved. But the Tuscan component, a 919-unit project that would rise on a site once owned by the Los Angeles Orthopaedic Hospital, is still in play, and that building will return before the commission next month.

Additionally, we asked a rep for Palmer about the status of Da Vinci (that's yet another Tuscan-themed apartment complex planned for Temple Street near downtown) and were told the project is going through the entitlement process. For those keeping score of Palmer's projects: Six Tuscans have been completed in downtown (Orsinis 1-3; Medici, Visconti, Piero), one Tuscan is under construction in downtown (Piero II), and two more Tuscans are planned near downtown and South LA (Da Vinci, Lorenzo). That's amore! [Curbed Staff]