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It's an Invasion of Central and Eastern European Pop Stars!

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CNN reports that Los Angeles is under attack! Specifically, we're under attack from European pop stars, one of your more glitter-encrusted, spandex-wrapped types of sieges. Recent arrivals include a former t.A.T.u. member who splits her time between LA and Moscow, a "Bubblegoth" from Estonia, a pair of Slovakian twins, and lots of single-namers. Italian Marco Bosco has already picked up the local language of self-promotion, buying himself "expensive outdoor media to promote himself along the busy, high visibility [Sunset] corridor." The twins, who go by Twiins, like "the weather, nice people and shopping" in LA, but their forthcoming single "Welcome to Hollywood" has a different story. One sister tells CNN "The song is not about the perfect Hollywood...It's about people with their 'friendly faces' which is far from being true. You should have open eyes and be careful whom you trust. Hollywood and all that goes along with it really has two sides to it." That's a pretty good analysis of zoning issues for a newcomer.
· The next wave of European pop stars invade L.A. [CNN]