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New Julius Shulman Book Arriving this Spring

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The Larchmont Chronicle drops the news that a new book on late photographer Julius Shulman will arrive on April 5th. Co-authored by authors Sam Lubell (also the West Coast editor of Architect's Newspaper) and Douglas Woods, "Julius Shulman in Los Angeles: The Birth of a Modern Metropolis" features the bread and butter of Shulman's career, "the work that made up the bulk of his career," Lubell tells us. There are party pictures shot for lifestyle magazines; interiors of aerospace factories; streetscapes; development-related photos commissioned by builders and architects; and more. “Any type of photography you can think of, “says Lubell, "He did." According to the Larchmont Chronicle, Woods and co-author Sam Lubell studied the Getty Museum's vault of 200,000 archived Shulman photos. The book was planned before Shulman’s death, and contains a foreword by Judy McKee, his only child and the executor of his estate.
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