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Good Vibrations: Westside Subway Testing Begins in Beverly Hills

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The MTA started poking around Beverly Hills this week, beginning seismic and soil testing to determine the best route for the Westside Subway extension, according to the Beverly Hills Courier, which reports that the testing is part of analysis for the project's Final Environmental Impact Statement Report (EIS/EIR). While it's still unclear which route the subway will take--down Santa Monica Blvd or down Avenue of the Stars--the testing will "help develop recommendations about the Century City station location and tunnel alignments in the area,” Dave Sotero, spokesperson for the MTA tells the Courier.

More about what's being done: "The specifics of the work include mini-vib, and micro-vib testing. Mini-vib testing consists of a mini-vib truck, seismograph recording truck, cable sensors, electric generator and a geophysical crew of up to six. Sensors will be placed along the street; every five feet, the truck will place a plate on the surface of the street, then vibrate the plate in order to take a reading....At testing sites, approximately every two feet, the portable micro-vib box will be vibrated by the electrical generator source. Sound level should be no more than 60 decibels, or light traffic," Metro says.
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