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Giant In-House Bladders Perfect Places to Store Rainwater

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Images via Murmur and eVolo Fairfax-based architecture firm Murmur was just hanging out, "speculat[ing] on the organizational, spatial and atmospheric potential of water collection on the American house," according to their web site, and struck upon this plan for the Succulent House, which is packed with bladders "that respond to changes in seasonal rainfall." The house has a divided roof, "maximized for water collection, storage and distribution," that sends rainwater "to storage cores around which program is distributed. Roofscape collection is experienced from the interior as the space rises and falls to meet the ceiling." When there's a lot of rain, the bladders fatten up, but "In times of low supply, the bladders are loose and drapery like." According to the Murmur site, Succulent House is a commission for a site in Chicago, Illinois.
· Succulent House [Murmur, via eVolo]