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Key Club to WeHo: Sorry About Riot on the Sunset Strip

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Following a fracas outside West Hollywood's Key Club on Thursday night, the venue has apologized on its blog: "Key Club would like to sincerely apologize to the city of West Hollywood & our incredibly loyal fan-base for the unfortunate events that occurred... We hope that you will continue to trust & support us in the future!" After a fight broke out between two men and Key Club security at 10:30 p.m., the club canceled the Youth Brigade and TSOL show that was going on and told everyone to head home. That's when the crowd of 60 spilled onto Sunset and started throwing rocks and bottles at LA County Sheriffs deputies, who responded by shooting rubber bullets, beanbags, and Mace into the crowd, reports the Los Angeles Times. The Beverly Hills Police and LAPD showed up to lend a hand, and LAist reports that residents were treated to the soothing sounds of helicopters until the midnight hour, while the scene wasn't cleared until 1 a.m. The Key Club owner says he didn't want to close his club, but did so at the police's urging.
· West Hollywood Club Apologizes After Melee [LA Times]