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Signs Gaining Sentience, Will Soon Know Everything About Us

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Gadget blog Unwired View has stumbled upon a dispatch from our dystopian future, in which the signs will come to understand and respond to our silly human vagaries. Blackberry maker Research in Motion has filed two patents for digital billboards that adapt in response to traffic flow, meaning: "When traffic is moving fast and drivers have no time to pay attention to billboards, or there’s a dense crowd on the street so you are distracted and less likely to pay attention, the billboard may just blast a huge logo and slogan of the advertiser at you, to catch any peripheral attention it can get." But when you are stuck in traffic and cars aren't moving, "the same billboard will give you a detailed information about the service, prices, benefits and stuff." And when everyone else is looking away for a moment, it'll taunt you with your own darkest thoughts, things no one else could possibly know.
· Why the heck is RIM trying to patent improvements to roadside billboards? [Unwired View]