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Hancock Park Medians to Be Less Reprehensible

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According to the Larchmont Chronicle, that pretty stretch of Highland in Hancock Park--between 1st and 3rd streets--was recently a bit worse for the wear. The grassy medians lining Highland turned overgrown and brown; unnamed locals called them "disgraceful," the Chronicle reports. Depressingly, the Bureau of Street Services no longer has money or staff to maintain the medians, but Councilman Tom LaBonge sent a crew from the Department of Recreation and Parks to mow and water late in August. The councilman has vowed to find a way to keep the medians green (they turned brown thanks to a broken sprinkler system) and introduced a motion in the council to use street improvement funds to keep out the brown on Highland. Back in better days, like 2008, Highland was having a little median heyday. Image by Floyd B. Bariscale via Flickr
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