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Frank Sinatra's Old House on Carolwood Drive

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Jeez, there's a bumper crop of homes hitting the market that once belonged to very big stars. First Marilyn, then Marion, and now Frank. Gaze upon 320 North Carolwood Drive, the former seven-bedroom home belonging to Frank Sinatra. In "Frank Sinatra, My Father," daughter Nancy Sinatra talks about her idyllic childhood home. “Our house sat on about three acres. We had a pool, a badminton court, a big fishpond, a separate play yard, a beautiful rose garden and an orchard.” Not as idyllic: Subsequent chapters also talk about how Frank's affairs and how he would visit the home infrequently, before eventually moving out upon divorcing Nancy's mother, Nancy Barbato. Via the listing: Approx. 2.3 lushly landscaped acres in the most coveted location on the Westside. Available for the 1st time in 50 years." Asking price: $22.5 million. And do we dare wonder if this is going to be a tear-down?
· 320 North CAROLWOOD Drive [Redfin]

320 North CAROLWOOD Drive, Los Angeles