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CleanTech Proposals Sought, Westside Urban Forum on Green Policies

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DOWNTOWN: The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is looking for proposals for the development of their 20-acre CleanTech Manufacturing Center site, that crazy Willy Wonka-sounding green industry campus they want to build in downtown. More info here. [Curbed InBox]

WESTSIDE: The Westside Urban Forum is holding its next panel discussion a week from this Friday. And it is: "Can LA Afford to Go Green in Today's Economy? Is it the Wrong Time or the Only Time?" Perhaps it's HammerTime. More from the event, which clearly doesn't involve baggy pants: "With the Mayor of Los Angeles recalibrating his goals, big oil-supporting a rollback of clean air regulation on this November’s ballot, and a bad economy continuing to ravage Los Angeles, is it now or never? What are the real costs of going green? What are the financial benefits? Who will end up footing the bill?" More info. [Curbed InBox]