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Press Box, Signs, Toilets: Early Look at Pasadena Rose Bowl Designs

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Via D'AIQ Architects, third image via My Cougar Blog
Everyone knows there's a grand plan to remodel the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, but here's what the proposed designs, done by Massachusetts-based D'Agostino Izzo Quirk Architects Inc , look like. Last week, the Pasadena Star News reported the Pasadena Design Commission approved the concept design for the first phase of the $171 million project, one which takes inspiration from Myron Hunt, the bowl's original architect, according to the paper.

Among other things, the Design Commission approved the look of stadium's press box. Fancy. "The new press box, which will take a few years to construct, is expected to have six levels and include broadcast media rooms, suites and premium club seats, concession stands and an underground kitchen. Historic Preservation Commissioner Andrea Rawlings said she was excited about plans to expand and renovate the press box in a way that makes it more compatible with the architectural style of Myron Hunt, the bowl's original architect. A craftsman-style expansion of the press box done in the 1990s was 'very awkward looking,' she said. Hunt did not 'put a lot of ornamentation on things.''

Additionally, designs were approved for a new score board, and remodeled bathrooms based on Hunt's original designs. They also approved a new landscaping design, which "makes room for hedges around the perimeter of the field, similar to what the stadium had in place more than five decades ago, said Rose Bowl General Manager Darryl Dunn," according to the paper.

Other planned changes include pedestrian tunnels, more luxury seats, the removal of aisles between the seating areas, four new private clubhouses, and more. Hollywood-based Historic Resources Group, which is working with the project's architect, and a final design review must still be approved by the Design Commission and the Rose Bowl Operating Company. Earlier this year, it was reported that work would start in January 2011 and finish up in time for the one hundredth Rose Bowl, in 2014.
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