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Marymount College Gets Whacked on Ballot Initiative Rulings

Earlier this year, Marymount College said it would ask voters to approve plans for its Rancho Palos Verdes campus expansion, a move which at least one local argued "usurp[ed] the jurisdiction of the City Council." (The City Council had previously approved the expansion, but hadn't approved the dormitory component). Well, score two points for those dorm-fighting locals today. The initiative--Measure P-- will still go up for a vote in November, but the wording on the ballot arguments will change, according to the Daily Breeze, which covers two key rulings by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David P. Yaffe. Via the Breeze: "In a preliminary ruling, Yaffe threw out a challenge college officials filed late last month arguing that a ballot statement opposing Measure P was "false and misleading" in its description of the extent to which city oversight would be eliminated by the initiative...Yaffe also sided with initiative critics in eliminating language that college supporters had sought to use in a rebuttal argument, which stated the initiative "guarantees that Marymount College meets all city codes and obtains city permits with strict construction time limits, for every part of the plan." Marymount President Michael Brophy tells the paper the college "remains really confident" Measure P will pass.
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