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Who Wants to Rehabilitate the Pico-Garnier Block?

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Pico House, then and now. Photos via El Pueblo De Los Angeles and LA Okay
The Downtown News reports that developers are being asked to submit proposals to rehabilitate and lease the Pico-Garnier Block, a seven building-block near Olvera Street. The buildings have sat unused due to litigation (and there's a chance that more lawsuits could stop any attempt to develop the area), but some people see potential in the area. There's even talk of an anchor tenant. Hey, throw in that freeway cap park and this area is on its way. Via the DN: "Michael Russell, a real estate adviser whose company has conducted feasibility studies of El Pueblo in the past, said that whoever develops the Pico-Garnier block could serve as an anchor tenant for the area.

'It would lend itself really to enliven the whole block. It’s physically the gateway seen from the freeway, seen from the Civic Center,' he said. As for the types of businesses the buildings could hold, [Robert Andrade, El Pueblo’s general manager] said a look back at what was once there could give a clue of what’s to come. 'Looking at the history of the kinds of businesses that have occupied those spaces is rather interesting. You’ve had everything from a saloon to a billiard parlor, restaurants, retail, a barber shop, a theater, a museum would be ideal,' he said. Whether that’s commercially viable for a developer I don’t know, but all those are possibilities.'" Pictured is the Ezra F. Kyso-Pico House, a former hotel.
· El Pueblo Takes First Step to Rehabilitate Pico-Garnier Block [Downtown News]