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Do You Buy It? Orange County Is Better Than LA, Says Mag

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The latest issue of Orange Coast magazine features 52 ways on how life south of the orange curtain is an improvement over LA. The magazine's website showcases five road-centric reasons: Drivers, traffic flow, modern highways, surface streets, left-turn lanes, and parking. Not sure if convenient parking leads to a more fulfilling existence, but this is how they put it: "Just one example: Eat at Marche Moderne in South-Coast Plaza and you can self-park in a spacious lot not far from the door. At Spago in Beverly Hills, valet is the only realistic option, and you have to pay, tip, and wait for the privilege." Other reasons OC kicks ass (full list only available via the magazine) include better air, public schools, and a showier showcase cathedral--the Philip Johnson-designed Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove (left image) compared to Rafael Moneo's downtown LA Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels (right image), which is likened to a storage facility. The Coast's editors also declare the Cesar Pelli-designed Renee & Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall in Costa Mesa a step-up from Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall.
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