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Basket-Weaving 101: Get Ready for Gold Line Bridge Work

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Don't be distracted while on the 210, but work is starting in earnest on that Gold Line extension basket bridge, reports Arcadia' Engineers will likely be milling about Arcadia's Santa Anita and Baldwin Avenues preparing for construction of the "iconic freeway structure," as it's being called. The bridge will cost around $18.5 million dollars and is the first part of the extension--ranked the 5th largest construction project in the county by the Los Angeles Business Journal--being built. "The bridge will be in the exact same spot the previous bridge was before trains stopped running there in the 1990s and it was removed because it did not meet earthquake safety requirements," according to the story. Arcadia' also reports the Foothill Extension second phase, to Montclair, is almost done with its environmental reviews, while a proposed extension to Ontario airport will begin an alternative analysis study later this year.
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Gold Line Basket Bridge

W. Colorado St. & N. Baldwin Ave., Arcadia, CA