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Glendale Wins "Terrifying Place to Drive" Award Again

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Road rage incident in another country via Treehugger
Once again, Allstate has ranked Glendale as one of the top three riskiest cities in the country for drivers in terms of traffic collisions, reports the Glendale-News Press, an award which the city won last year. Allstate covers about 11% of all insured drivers in the U.S., so this is a fair snapshot, according to the insurance company. But the Glendale Police Dept calls the news an "incomplete" look at accidents in the city, a point of view which might carry some weight if it weren't for that other News-Press story currently on the web site. With the headline, "Police seek help in identifying road rage attacker," the story asks for the public's help in finding a "motorist who climbed a couple's car during a red light and hit them several times through an open sunroof," an attack that follows another road rage incident in which a "Glendale man was stabbed in the stomach by another motorist who cut him off on the Golden State (5) Freeway near Western Avenue." Good times.
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