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Some Santa Monicans Think Constellation Blvd Stop Is Just Fine

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Streetsblog's Carter Rubin went to last night's Westside Metro subway meeting, held at the Santa Monica Public Library. And unlike some of their neighbors to the East, Santa Monica residents are pushing for a Century City at Constellation Boulevard stop.

"Just two days ago, the prevailing aim of comments at Metro’s subway hearing in Beverly Hills was to slam a proposed route that would tunnel under a residential area, which would occur if a station were built in the heart of Century City at Constellation Boulevard. By contrast, at Wednesday’s hearing each person who commented on the proposed Century City station supported locating it at Constellation Blvd., citing that location’s improved access to jobs and entertainment, as well as the higher projected ridership. More broadly, the comments in favor of the Westside subway extension advocated building as much subway west of the 405 Freeway as soon as possible." Not surprisingly, some speakers want to the subway extended to 4th Street in Santa Monica. Meanwhile, Steve Hymon over at the Source went to the Beverly Hills subway meeting on Monday. While he also covers the Constellation debate, he also points on some issues that didn't get a lot attention, including: The "La Cienega station, where to put portals for both the La Cienega and Rodeo stations and where to find property for construction staging at both locations."
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