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Poet Broker Found Alive

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The Desert Sun is reporting that local broker Ed Rosenthal, missing since last week, was found. "Edward H. Rosenthal, 64, of Culver City was airlifted to a local hospital Thursday morning, park spokesman Joe Zarki said...Rosenthal, who had not been seen since setting out for a day hike Friday afternoon, was found in the East Wide Canyon area, Zarki said." Blogdowntown quotes a friend--via Facebook--as stating he is in critical condition. "Ed has been found! He is alive! In critical condition. We just heard from his wife Nicole. They are taking him to hospital. Please keep praying....more info later.." UPDATE from another Desert Sun story: "He was conscious when the rescuers found him and was talking with them, but he does have some injuries and some exposure issues,” park spokesman Joe Zarki said. UPDATE: Park spokesman Zarki tells the AP that Rosenthal is "expected to recover from heat exhaustion and other minor injuries." [Desert Sun/Blogdowntown]