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Canyons Are Best Places to "Stumble Upon" Pot Fields in LA County

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Law & Order: Los Angeles writers, we have a great idea for your episode titled "Sun Valley." The Los Angeles Times reports that LA and Ventura County sheriffs are finding tons of pot in areas overseen by the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area or the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority. This year they've seized 42,000 plants with a street value of about $130 million in areas including Malibu Canyon, La Tuna Canyon, Tuna Canyon, Rocky Peak, Whittier, and Zuma-Trancas Canyon. And raiding marijuana plantations isn't just a walk in the mountains--there are plenty of sad sub-stories. Rangers doing patrols found the remains of Mitrice Richardson, who had been missing for almost a year. And in April, one grower fell off a 15 foot high rock face while being chased by officials who had just found his 1,000 plants and 3,000 seeds near Malibu Canyon Road.
· Pot growers find fertile ground in Malibu hills, Santa Monica Mountains [LAT]