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6100 Wilshire Decor Complaints, Stella Ground-Breaking

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MID-WILSHIRE: A reader with delicate tastes is unhappy about the remodel of the lobby and valet parking at 6100 Wilshire Blvd, an office building, currently underway. He writes: "Oct 1st marks the beginning of the 5th month of the craptastic renovation with no end in site. Before, the lobby was plain with some art deco highlights now it's an embarrassing array of harsh fluorescent bulb lighting, BLUE hanging pendant lamps, Ikea benches with green pillows that match nothing, tan and cream stripped tile flooring with a hideous carpet runner in front of the elevator core AND plastic faux wood frames lining the walls of the elevators (supposedly to hold "graphic art"). Every few weeks it's a new layer of ugly! If you need a good chuckle stop by and take a look - I'm sure it will not be finished any time soon!" [Curbed InBox]

MARINA DEL REY: More bulk and heft for Marina Del Rey: That new 244-unit STELLA condo project at 13480 W. Maxella Avenue, near Lincoln Boulevard (the link is an older rendering) is breaking ground next Thursday. Weee. We hear the Mayor will be on hand. [Curbed InBox]