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Zippy! Draft Study for Subway Released, Westwood to Union Station In 25 Minutes

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So, the draft environmental impact report for the Purple Line extension was released today, but unlike the Regional Connector EIR, the subway report doesn't make formal recommendations, according to Metro community relations manager Jody Litvak. Public hearings will take place later this month and public comment is open until October 18; Metro will go to the board on October 28 to make formal recommendations for the line. The Source's Steve Hymon points out the subway ride from Union Station to Westwood will take 25 minutes. Sweet.

Among other things, the draft EIR summary drops the following info:

- The optional Crenshaw station: While the report mentions that keeping the station would allow Hancock Park resident easy transit access and get more people on the subway, deleting the station "would also respond to community concerns about development pressures that could change the character of this residential area. Also, the costs to construct this station would only provide modest ridership and travel time benefits that would not be sufficient to improve the cost-effectiveness of the overall project."

- The La Cienega station would benefit from being on the west side of La Cienega, because it could connect to a subway spur to West Hollywood. But a station on the east side offers closer access to more high-density businesses and residences.

- Seismic issues would be better mitigated if the Century City station was located on Constellation, rather than Santa Monica Boulevard. Also, walkability would improve on Constellation, but it would cost more because it extends the line.

- The Westwood station would cause much less disruption of traffic during construction if built below a UCLA parking lot rather than directly at the intersection of Wilshire and Westwood.

- A VA hospital station gets a lot of ink in the report, including where exactly to place it--placing the station closer to the hospital has obvious benefits, according to the report.

The Los Angeles Times points out the subway report indicates the line wouldn't make that much of a dent in traffic (maybe because the city's population continues to grow).

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