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PriceChopper: Four-Bedroom with Pool in Laurel Canyon

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At the risk of sounding like one of those hand-lettered signs tacked to a pole near a freeway off-ramp, here's an "investment opportunity" for the aspiring flippers among you. Built in 1969, this home features four bedrooms, two baths, a fireplace, a sunroom, and pool. The listing also mentions a laundry room and "converted garage with kitchen and bathroom under front of home" that "may not be permitted." While the unpermitted additions and lack of interior photos would certainly indicate the place is a hot mess, the listing also says it's currently being rented for $3,000 a month. The 2,333-square-foot home first hit the market July 30 at $639,000, got chopped to $590,000 a month later, and is scheduled for probate auction September 12.
· 2530 Thames St, Los Angeles CA 90046 [Redfin]

2530 Thames St, Los Angeles CA 90046