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9577 Sunset's Mystery Boxes, Sprouts Takes Another Circuit City

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We're cutting out early for the long weekend. See you back on Tuesday.

BEVERLY HILLS: One of the Curbed family moles spotted boxes outside of 9577 Sunset, winner of the Great Sunset Boulevard Mansion-Off. The home is still listed at $68.5 million, so maybe those boxes are full of staging? Marble lamps from IKEA, perhaps. [Curbed Staff] PASADENA: Who isn't impressed with how Sprouts has continued its tidy takeover of all those old empty Circuit City stores? Nice work. Following a move into an old Culver City Circuit City, Sprouts also opened in Pasadena last month, taking the space of a former Circuit City on Rosemead Boulevard. We can recommend the $2.99 sandwich deal from the deli. Sunset Boulevard Circuit City, how about it? [Curbed Staff]