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Genius Grant-Winning Jorge Pardo Built His House Just For MOCA

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[Pardo via NYT, his house via Circa]

The MacArthur Fellows (aka Geniuses) were announced yesterday, and among them was Los Angeles installation artist Jorge Pardo, who's quoted in a 2001 issue of Circa saying that as an Angeleno "what formed my understanding of space was experiencing rooms, places, houses." One of his most notable pieces is 4166 Sea View Lane, a house in Mt. Washington that he designed and built for a MOCA exhibit. It was a museum satellite for a brief period in 1998, and when the exhibit closed he moved in. The New York Times describes the house as a 3,200 square foot "redwood structure that snakes around central gardens on a hill above downtown Los Angeles." Pardo says he's interested in "pictorial, spatial, perceptual traditions," and he's certainly not an architect in the usual sense--4166 Sea View Lane "has deliberately clumsy passages to slow you down, including a staircase set in an unlikely place." Pardo is also well known around these parts for his design of LACMA's pre-Columbian galleries.
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