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Long Beach Wants Its New Bridge to Be Something Special

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Existing bridge via Poitra; and replacement aka an early bridge concept
In what's being billed as the largest public works project in Long Beach in 30 years, the city's 42-year-old Gerald Desmond bridge is getting replaced, and the old aging bridge will be torn down after construction. There it is above. But that's just the basic bridge design concept, according to the web site for councilman Robert Garcia.The final design has not been selected. Garcia is also pushing for the bridge to be lit up at night, telling the Press-Telegram, "This project isn't just important for jobs and the operation of the economy, but something that will be iconic for the West Coast." Though the environmental impact report was appealed, the City Council approved the $1.1 billion project yesterday, reports the the Press-Telegram. To accommodate bigger cruise ships, the new link will be 50 feet higher, include emergency shoulders, and be outfitted with a bike and pedestrian lane.
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