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Small Shave For Hollywood's Legendary Place

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Legendary Place bathroom. Some tubs are big enough for two
In July, everyone met Legendary Place, a 23-unit Hollywood development at Detroit Street, right below Sunset. The project was developed by Legendary Development, which took the project after the original owners ran into financial problems. (Legendary likes to buy distressed properties and they're related to the group--Legendary Investors- trying to seize control of Meruelo Maddux.) Prices at Legendary Place started out at $650,000-$999,000, but now prices have fallen about $50,000-$70,000 on most units. One unit is in escrow, according to the sales rep. Another Legendary Development project, Pasadena's Sabine, saw prices fall $100,000 in August. Of the 12 units at Sabine, three units have sold, according to the rep for that project.

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