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Black Hills Cabin, Southern Mansion, or...Studio City Condo?

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The New York Times always tries not to look too taken by Los Angeles, as in today's "What You Get for..." feature, which has the going price of $460,000. The options are a kind of creepy Alabama mansion with its own smokehouse, a 2002 pine cabin just twenty minutes from Deadwood in South Dakota, and the condo some actor bought back in the eighties after landing a six episode arc on Kate & Allie. Ok, we have no way of knowing that, but it's a two bedroom condo in a 1979 Studio City building that, despite recent renovations, looks a bit dated. It is however, next to the river and very close to CBS. Asking price is $449,500. None of these options is perfect, and since "What You Get for..." is really just a game of eff-marry-kill for real estate enthusiasts, let's take a page from our new sister Curbed National and play a round, shall we?

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