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City's Approval of Gerding Edlen Tower Was OK, Says Appeals Court

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One Hollywood lawsuit down, a few more to go. Last week, an appeals court ruled in favor of the city in the fight over that Gerding Edling tower that was supposed to go up at Sunset Boulevard and Gordon Street. Basically, the appeals courts said the city was justified in approving the project (which is now likely very dead in its original form, due to both the economy and lawsuit). The case started years ago when local group La Mirada Neighborhood Association of Hollywood sued over numerous variances granted--such the height exceptions, for instance--for the office/hotel/condo project. The case wound its way up to the 2nd District Court of Appeals, and a decision--upholding the lower court's ruling--came last Wednesday. But in a bit of weirdness, the ruling only mentions three variances challenged by La Mirada (in fact, more variances were challenged). It's unclear if it's just a badly written ruling or if the court didn't actually consider the entirety of the case. Given the weirdness, attorney Robert Silverstein tells us he will likely submit papers on behalf of his client, La Mirada, to the court, but whether there will actually be a re-hearing is unclear. At least in the short term: Trutanich's office wins. You can read the ruling on the link below.
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