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Zebra Spotted in Silver Lake, CityCenter in Drag

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SILVER LAKE: Let's just hand this one over to the reader: "I feel compelled to share this. I remember you had a post about a home on Silver Ridge (sorry no address) that is on a parcel of land that also hits Lake View in Silver Lake. It was a new construct and had not been finished yet and was being sold as is...Every time I pass by it keeps getting wackier....there are several medieval battle fails with spikes hanging from outside balconies, small catholic saint statues are scattered about outside, stain glass panes that you would find at a bar that had the word "Ye Olde" in it's the name are being put in...Today I saw a very large ceramic Zebra sitting high on top of one of the construction planks." Doesn't a medieval theme clash with a Zebra theme? What are we missing? [Curbed InBox]

LAS VEGAS: Speaking of wacky, New Yorker architecture critic Paul Goldberger went to Las Vegas to review CityCenter, and he sounds sort of underwhelmed. A taste: "CityCenter is the Las Vegas you already know, but in modernist drag." [The New Yorker]