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Agent Ed Limato's Coldwater Canyon Estate

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Last week, 9555 Heather Road, the Beverly Hills estate with a revolving door of celebrity owners, came on the market; this week, it's joined by 9550 Heather, also no slouch in the boldface-names department. Situated on a 1.6-acre lot, the six-bedroom, nine-bath mansion is the former home of uberagent Ed Limato, who passed away in July. Mr. Limato, whose client roster included Richard Gere, Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, and Mel Gibson, was known for his legendary parties and flashy wardrobe (some of which can be glimpsed in the listing photos). Per his Deadline Hollywood obituary:
"Limato’s love for old Hollywood was not just apparent in his demeanor. His Coldwater Canyon Estate, known as “Heather House,” was built in 1936 by Hollywood stars Dick Powell and Joan Blondell and later owned by George Raft. The game room was adorned with Hirschfeld caricatures acquired from the old MGM commissary, and his screening room was named after Marlene Dietrich."
Listed at $15.5 million, the home also features a pool, lighted tennis court, and full guest house.
· 9550 HEATHER Rd [Redfin]