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First Field Operations Concepts Out for Santa Monica Parks

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Field Operations, the so-hot-right-now landscape architecture firm hired to design the Santa Monica's civic parks, unveiled the first design concepts for the project at a community meeting last weekend. The civic parks include the six acre Palisades Garden Walk, bounded by Main and Ocean and the 10 Freeway and Olympic, and the one acre Town Square park right in front of City Hall, plus a potential extension over the proposed freeway cap. Field Ops has been working with locals all summer and has come up with three schemes--each of which, as the Santa Monica Daily Press puts it, "prioritizes different aspects of the Santa Monica landscape and needs of the community and is an interpretation of local nature — the washes, palisades and rich vegetation that once characterized the region." There'll be another community meeting in November, and the SMDP says "more concrete plans" will come out in January.
· Palisades Garden Walk designs unveiled [SMDP]