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Culver City-Downtown Expo Rail Fun Now Delayed Till 2012

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You'll have to wait even longer for that scenario that sees you having a few noontime Saturday beers at Father's Office in Culver City and then hopping on a train to downtown. The Los Angeles Times reports on the continuing delays on the first phase of the Expo Line, the light rail that will extend from downtown to Culver City. The line was supposed to open this summer, and then a partial opening was announced for April 2011. Now Expo Line Authority members say that the full line won't reach Culver City until 2012. But to get the train up and running, authorities are debating doing a partial opening, and running the train from downtown to Crenshaw Boulevard, or further--from downtown to La Cienega Boulevard. Both choices are admittedly called "two unsatisfactory options," by Expo Line Authorities, given the real commuters are seen as going from Culver City to downtown. The paper is also trying to consider whether to run trains through the station there while construction is underway at the Farmdale station.
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