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Take Two: Home Sweet Home a Chance to Develop LA From Scratch

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If we had the chance to create Los Angeles all over again, would we make the same mistakes or get it right this time? The Skirball Cultural Center's currently-running exhibition home sweet home might provide a clue--visitors to the project can buy a property starting at $15 (Such reasonable housing prices, but what will owners try to flip for?), sign a contract, get a key, and create the bungalow, pot shop, parking enforcement bureau, or swim club of their dreams (supplies are provided).

HSH was created in 2006 by the British theater company Subject to_change, but this is its first go in the United States, and its largest installation yet. The Los Angeles home sweet home will have 660 buildings laid out in the 8,000 square foot Moshe Safdie-designed Getty Gallery, where the ceiling's louvers will adjust to cycle through day and night lighting. Local actors will play real estate agents, shopkeepers, and mailmen, and residents can send complaints to a city councilmember, who can ding them if they build their cotton ball hedges too high. A radio station will play music and advertisements from Little LA's businesses.

The city's evolution will be recorded in 3D on Google Sketchup and projected on the gallery's walls. Special events include a town hall (Will lobbyists hog the floor or will everyone chime in?) and a block party. A key grants access to the exhibit through its close on October 3.
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