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Curson and Olympic Goes to the Graveyard, Now What?

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Video of destruction at Olympic and Curson

: A reader who lives near Olympic and Curson writes in: "A company started construction on a multi-family condo or apartment building on the corner a few years ago. They shored up the lot, poured all property line retaining walls, poured the basement/subterranean parking level slab and first floor level slab and stopped construction.

It sat dormant for a couple months, a few weeks ago a construction company came back and started demolition on the real question is how is this lot ever going to be suitable for future construction? I doubt any new construction will be able to use the same property line retaining walls and it seems impossible remove the existing retaining walls due to adjacent lot stability issues. Just wondering if you could give me some info on the project, what happened and ideas about future development given the current demolition strategy?" Jeez, what happened, project? Video found off of YouTube, seems related. [Curbed LA]