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Forever 21 Sample Sale, Playstation on the Promenade, and More

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DONWTOWN: Well, this sounds terrifying, but perhaps also exhilarating for fast fashion devotees--Forever 21 is holding a sample sale tomorrow with discounts of up to 90%. Expect brawls over three dollar tulle skirts.

BEVERLY HILLS: French cult brand Petit Bateau opened its first west coast store last week, on Brighton Way in Beverly Hills. Racked says that while the emphasis on basics is all-American "the quality is definitely Parisian: the cotton is sturdier, the stitching is nice, and the cuts are all simple." (Cough, American Apparel, cough.)

SANTA MONICA: Playstation is hosting a pop-up shop on the Third Street Promenade to show off its new Move system. Get there now and you might make it in to play a game before the store closes on November 12.

LOS ANGELES: Racked had a little chat with lawyer Nate Meyer, who represented Forever 21 in a copyright dispute concerning "four pairs of men's plaid shorts and a track jacket, all made by Express." Meyer explains some of the tricky issues around fashion copyright.