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Long Beach Considering Gondola, Cable Tram For Downtown

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Long Beach is a city on the move, via pods in the sky. The Long Beach Report reports that the city council voted this week to move ahead with an unsolicited proposal from a Pennsylvania firm called Urban Innovations that suggests a cable-drawn tram, gondola, or other connection between downtown and the South Shore. The staff report on the matter lists the Promenade, the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Queensway Bay area, the Queen Mary, and the Carnival Cruise Lines terminal, among others, as potential stops. According to the Press-Telegram, the city will work with Urban innovations to apply for money from the MTA and the Federal Transit Administration, and then they'll decide what kind of elevated moving sidewalk or zipline or whathaveyou would make the most (or least?) sense.
· Council Votes 7-1 To OK Pursuing Funds For "Alternative Transportation Analysis" for System(s) Linking Downtown/South Shore Sites [LBReport]