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Why is the LA Housing Department Coming After Me?

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We don't know the particulars of this situation, nor the LA Housing Department's side of things. Nor do we know if there's been some managerial shifting of duties within departments. Basically, we don't know a lot! But here's a property owner with some issues to get off her/his chest: "We own about 10 buildings and have recently (last 1-2 months) begun getting many letters from the LA Housing Department for supposed building code violations. We run clean, safe, up-to-code buildings and have never experienced this level of harassment from LAHD before.

The strangest thing about it is that the issues LAHD are targeting are definitely in the purview of the Department of Building and Safety - not LAHD.

We feel like we're in the crossfire of a brewing bureaucratic turf war.

Are other landlords experiencing increased harassment from LAHD as well, or is this just our bad luck? Can any LAHD or DBS insiders shed any light on the situation?"
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