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Residents Asked to Leave WeHo's Historic El Mirador Building

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The WeHo News is reporting that the owner of the historic landmark El Mirador Apartments at Sweetzer and Fountain aves is emptying out tenants who have lived in the building for decades, using the Ellis Act to clear out residents. It all comes down to a dispute with the city about windows, according to the WeHo News. "In an interview with [owner Jerome Nash], he declared that he planned to leave the landmark building, built in 1929 by architect S. Charles Lee, vacant for the next ten years, "if I don’t give it away to a foundation for its use,” he said....Saying “there is no financial advantage in it for me,” Mr. Nash characterized his clearing the building of tenants as a reaction to City Hall’s refusal to allow him to replace badly deteriorated windows with “windows that do not leak.” The paper reports that City’s Historic Preservation Commission did deny his application to replace the windows. Sounds like a standoff? Meanwhile, here's a look inside one of the units.
· West Hollywood’s historic El Mirador Apartments being emptied [WeHo News]

El Mirador Apartments

1302 North Sweetzer Avenue, West Hollywood, California