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Seventh Street Re-Visited, Sweaty Tower Climb Tomorrow

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Postcard of Seventh Street circa 1950s
DOWNTOWN: It's never too early to plan. On Sunday, November 7, the Los Angeles Conservancy will hold a tour exploring "the rich history and architectural gems of downtown L.A.'s Seventh Street....Spanning from Figueroa to Los Angeles Streets, the event is "open-house" style. Guests can stroll down Seventh at their own pace, stopping at eight sites for guided tours." More info via the LA Conservancy's site.

: Tomorrow, you can hand towels to sweaty execs coming down from the Bank Tower. Yes, it's the annual Stair Climb to the Top of the US Bank Tower. "The 17th annual Stair Climb to the Top benefits the community programs of the Stuart M. Ketchum Downtown YMCA, helping the organization better serve Angelenos and give them access to greater opportunities for health and education." The event starts at 3pm. [Curbed InBox]