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Aleks Instanbullu's Lago Vista Guest House in Coldwater Canyon

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This past weekend the AIA/LA held its first fall home tour of the year (there'll be a second one in October). Join Curbed as we gawk at the pretty architecture of the Hills, from Hollywood to Coldwater. Our last stop is in Beverly Hills at Aleks Instanbullu's Lago Vista Guest House.

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels Aleks Istanbullu's Lago Vista Guest House is, yes, a guest house, and just 855 square feet. Its green cladding is meant to evoke "the color and movement of the canyon grasses with a bold and whimsical graphic pattern," says the AIA, which just makes good sense on this lot, where tiering has made a huge amount of the hillside usable and the landscaping is lush. The Guest House itself is made up of one low block and one higher cube. On the lower portion are a kitchenette, bathroom, and bedroom; the cube holds a library/living room with a wall of bookcases and a glass corner that looks out to the backyard and the basin view.
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