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Post KTLA Studios-Renovation, A Taller Sunset Boulevard

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View from the high school; that's Van Ness in foreground and Sunset in the back

Here's what the remake of the historic block-long KTLA Studio property along Sunset Boulevard might look like. As covered last week, Hudson Pacific Properties wants to add a 13-story office building, a new parking lot and a post-production studio to the site on Sunset Boulevard. These are the renderings submitted to the city as part of the application process. Now, the renderings could change. A final design for the Gensler-designed office tower won't be picked until a tenant is chosen, HPP's Christoper Barton told us last week. Additionally, the City Planning Dept could ask for changes. But since the city bases its approvals on what's submitted, it wouldn't be surprising if what's seen above is close to what actually gets built--if this get approved. And it's not clear yet how the Planning Department will react to this proposal. But in general, the Draft Hollywood Community Plan, released this summer, calls for more density and taller buildings along parts of Sunset Boulevard.
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