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Owner Making Minor Changes to Sunset Plaza Assembledge+ House

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The assembledge+-designed wall-less wonder was all new and rather lovely in July 2009 when it sold for $9.1 million, so we hopped into the Mystery Machine recently when scaffolding went up around the house. Mystery solved, Scoob. Michael Grosswendt, president of All Coast Construction, the firm doing the work on the house, tells Curbed the new owner bought the house for the view, but has "different requirements" for it than what it was built with.

So the owner is having some of the finishes switched out, including the exterior wood cladding, which will be replaced with wood in a slightly different color. Minor changes will be made to the interior layout, and the street-front elevation and landscaping will get upgrades. Permits were finalized last month and right now the house is undergoing a "surgical demolition." Grosswendt expects the project will take about 12-16 months. And in the meanwhile the owner is keen to stay on good terms with his new neighbors--All Coast went door to door explaining the project, and will shuttle workers in to the site instead of trying to cram lots of cars and trucks up in the hills.
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