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AGPS's Super-Stark SteelHouse in Nichols Canyon

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This past weekend the AIA/LA held its first fall home tour of the year (there'll be a second one in October). Join Curbed as we gawk at the pretty architecture of the Hills, from Hollywood to Coldwater. Next up is agps's Steelhouse.

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels Marc Angélil and Sarah Graham of the Zurich/LA firm agps.architecture "were asked to propose a visionary house honoring the 50th anniversary of the Eames house. The goal was to investigate future possibilities of living and working, as well as new energy use. While the exhibition funding was not realized, the house was built," according to the AIA/LA's description. That house is the SteelHouse, a large (3,435 square feet), minimalist space punctuated by sparse staging--the occasional sexy Modern chair or table. The house has solar panels, radiant heating and cooling, and a recycled steel structure. Its three bathrooms (one upstairs, two downstairs) are easy to pick out, but the three bedrooms, living room, dining room, den, gallery, and studio are more open to interpretation. The SteelHouse is for sale, asking $2.6 million.
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